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Giving youth offending teams extra time to deliver the right support

Youth offending teams have a huge responsibility but very little time. By meeting the latest data transfer requirements for the Youth Justice Board, our Pathways software makes every second count. But that’s not all it can do; it was designed by former officers who know that better outcomes matter most.

Purpose-built for youth offending teams

Pathways was built by people who’ve done the job and understand its challenges. Completing the Youth Justice Board (YJB) AssetPlus assessments, for example. This is a vital framework for supporting young people, but there’s around 1,600 fields to fill in each time and it changes annually.

Aaron Doyle worked in a youth offending team and is one of the brains behind Pathways:

“Officers want to spend their time helping young people, not on time-consuming admin. We know that the AssetPlus assessments can take hours and that people sometimes get stuck with a load of manual updates. You could be finding what’s changed, sending it to the YJB by secure email and copying and pasting the data that comes back from the secure estate. That’s why Pathways always matches the latest AssetPlus framework.”

Pathways complies with the latest YJB requirements for data transfer, ensuring a smooth and automated process. But that’s not the only benefit. Whenever the framework itself changes, we update Pathways with no fuss and no charge.

No more second-guessing your assessments

As well as keeping in line with AssetPlus, we host Pathways in a secure cloud so it’s ready on any device. You won’t ever be waiting for your IT team to troubleshoot or make updates, giving you total confidence that you’re compliant with the latest requirements.

We make assessment updates easier too. You can add live notes to a young person’s record, storing data securely until the next assessment is due.

One customer expects Pathways to cut how long it takes to manage assessments, but that’s not all. Aaron explains:

“We’ve added a feature to help track local sentencing decisions. This way, officers can work out what kinds of cases go against their recommendations and take steps to keep young people out of custody where they can. It will give them more time – and more information – to really make a difference.”

It won’t cost the earth either

Pathways is different to other systems because it doesn’t overload local authority IT teams. We never charge for updates and don’t drain in-house resources, so the total cost of ownership is low. We do everything (deliver updates, manage the data, set permissions, reset passwords, fault-find, add resilience) so you’re not paying to maintain the software or infrastructure.

But back to youth offending. Every day, officers are protecting vulnerable people and helping them rebuild their lives. It’s inspirational work, and we want to help them do more of it.

Want to know more about Pathways? Visit our Pathways Youth Offending Team page and see how it supports young people on their youth justice journey.